Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cupcakes, Coupons, and Cuties!

I was hoping to be more diligent about posting weekly, but the past few weeks got away from me! It's time to play catch-up! My daughters and I have gotten involved in couponing the last few months and thanks to some awesome websites and blogs, we are stockpiling and saving, saving, saving money!!! On my blog list to the left, I created a new category for these great links. It is amazing how much money you can save and it is extra exciting when you end up getting items for FREE! We are certainly not extreme couponers, but on a recent trip to Target I paid $2.04 for almost $40.00 of merchandise! Sweet!
Since I last posted, our littlest "cupcake" Emme turned one! For weeks, Becky and I made some fun decorations for her party. Some of these ideas came from the blogs I have linked to this blog. Using pastel mini clothes pins, Becky made garlands of photos from Emme's first year. Guests could take any of the pictures they wanted.
Something Becky loves to do is bake. Check out the dessert table! The BIG cupcake is for Emme. She made filled cupcakes, cake pops, and iced and decorated Rice Krispie treats. I had fun helping make this delicious array of goodies!
Aren't these Rice Krispie treats adorable?
One day I saw this cupcake garland on another blog and decided that since Emme's party was a cupcake themed party, I would make one. I headed out to Michael's and found packs of cupcake liners in the pink, green, and purple party theme and while watching TV one evening, strung yards of garland on pliable wire. We fastened the garland to the tops of the cabinets in the kitchen. It was so festive!
I also dug out my holiday cupcake tree and we added it to the decor.
Another idea I saw on a blog were these paint sample napkin/utensil holders. This project took some work. I had to sew 60 of these pockets. I am glad I did because aren't they a great way to package utensils and napkins? Plus they are reusable!
For children's party favors, we found these sweet pencils topped with cupcake erasers. Emme's friends each got one as a thank you for celebrating her special day.
No party is complete without balloons. This is just one of the many balloons Becky got her. Emme loved them!
It was a beautiful day for a party so we spread a blanket on the grass and Emme had a blast opening her gifts. What little girl doesn't like a doll!
Emme's cousin Dixon had so much fun blowing bubbles.
All the cousins love a chance to play together, especially outside.
Even little Jayce was smiling and enjoying the celebration!
Oops! Some people never grow up! Emme's great-grandmother snuck in some swinging!
Now, for the cupcake's very own gigantic cupcake! She couldn't wait to get her hands on it!
Gotta check out the FunFetti frosting first!
It's time to dig in!
It was a wonderful day and we took so many pictures! It will be hard to decide which ones to scrapbook! The following day, Emme and Jayce were baptized together. It was such a special family weekend.
In fact, the weekend actually started with Sasha and Clara's dance recital. Don't they look like Diva ballerinas!
Both danced in two dances and were amazing! Of course I am not partial in any way! Along with Kari, we now have three family ballerinas! Clara has the ballerina post down pat!
I am aiming to be better at posting on a weekly basis. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Off to read the second book in The Hunger Games series. Stayed up until 1:30 in the morning finishing the first book!