Thursday, May 26, 2011


Last weekend my mother and I traveled to Southern Maryland for the weekend. My granddaughter, Kari, performed in her first ballet recital. Kari was in the first dance of the Ladybugs. How adorable these tiny dancers were as they performed so beautifully! The discipline and the skill development in these tiny dancers was amazing!
After the show, her proud brothers gave her flowers. Although they deny it, they were pretty captivated by the dancers.
Mom was so proud of her little ballerina. Watching little girls dance is so different from attending T-Ball and soccer games!
My mom, who is 81, showed off her athletic ability with a one-on-one game with Ryan. Look at that shot! She surprised us with how many baskets she made.

Mom was in her element relaxing with Jayce, aka "moose!" This child is only 3 1/2 months old, but is already outgrowing his 6 months clothes! Future Suma wrestler?
"Capture Photography" by Julie Showalter took these pictures of Jayce a month ago. I love this black and white photo!
Look at his sparkling eyes and pudgy little hands! I just love babies!
How appropriate is this picture of Jayce tipping the scales! He barely fits!
Last Friday I was able to attend Marion Elementary School's grandparents day. Sasha was all smiles when I arrived.
The entire class recited a wonderful poem about grandparents. Then Sasha gave me this art piece with the poem attached. Love the joy on a child's face about the simple things in life. We can learn so much from the children.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Moments

Mother's Day is such a special day for me for so many reasons. This year it all began Friday night when I received a box on my doorstep. Nestled inside were one dozen decadent chocolate covered strawberries. OMG! My favorite fruit is strawberries and who doesn't love chocolate!
Jennifer and her family sent this luscious treat my way. Although they couldn't be with us on Mother's Day this year, these little faces are in my heart. Is Jayce not simply the cutest little baby boy!
And then there's Diva Kari! Those big brown eyes just melt our hearts!
The eight grandchildren began with Aidan's birth nine years ago. It seems like yesterday. And Ryan followed eighteen months later - such a smart, sweet boys! Thanks so much for the strawberries - I am enjoying every sweet morsel!
Today we celebrated at my house with a Mother's Day brunch. Everyone brought yummy dishes including an oatmeal fruit bake, a hash brown, bacon, egg and cheese casserole, fresh fruit, cinnamon muffin melts (a la Tastefully Simple!), and a strawberry pie. Oh My! Annisa and Becky got me Marc Jacob's "Lola" perfume. It smells heavenly! Then it was picture time. Last Mother's Day Becky was awaiting the birth of her first baby and here she is now! Little Emme!
Annisa has such a beautiful family. Dixon is such a rambunctious little boy - full of fun and spunk!
Sasha and Clara, like Kari, are such divas. However, they are very close sisters and someday in the future will share the joy of their children with each other just like their mom does with her two sisters.
On the left is my mom with her only daughter (me), two of her four granddaughters and four of her great grandchildren.
Four generations!
A proud new mom!
Just couldn't resist adding this picture that Annisa took of Emme's litte feet! She is standing now and soon she will be walking!
I have so much to be thankful for this Mother's Day and it all began with my own mom. She is an amazing person of strength, love, and compassion. God bless moms everywhere not only on Mother's Day, but every day of the year. Love you Mom!