Sunday, March 25, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Cuties!

St. Patrick's Day is a fun holiday to celebrate. I found these cute shirts for the Andersen clan at Wal-Mart. Little Jayce's reads " You're Lucky I'm Not Your Son." Too funny!
He thinks it's pretty funny , too! Love those sparkly blue eyes!
I got the placemats at the Dollar Tree - fabulous for just $1.00 each! and filled the little white buckets with gold foiled Reese's cups - our pots of Gold, which were our favors. After dining on a beef stew- Hungarian style, we had dessert.
I found a simple easy recipe for chocolate, peppermint meringues that were delicious! The kids LOVED them, so we are already planning on making Easter colored meringues using a variety of extracts for flavoring, coloring them with spring food colors, and putting "treats" inside!
On St. Patrick's Day, our other four grandkids dressed up in their holiday finery and we headed to TGI Fridays. It has been a tradition for several years.
After dinner we headed home for cupcakes to celebrate Jim's birthday, which is the day after St. Patrick's Day!
Happy Birthday Jimbo! I won't give away your age!