Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Wedding Birthday ?!?

My oldest granddaughter, Sasha Rose, was so excited about turning six.  When her mother asked her what kind of birthday party she would like to have, she said that she wanted a bride's party!  Sasha and her sister, Clara, love being princesses and playing dress-up.  Sasha is also fascinated with brides and weddings, so a wedding party was created!  You can see many more photos (check out the cake!) and the complete story on her mother's blog, which is linked on my blog.  Here a few of my photos of this very special day.
I love this picture of her peeking out from behind the tree!
Since Sasha wanted everyone to dress up, her great-grandmother dressed up for the special occasion, complete with a hat! 
Check out the little dude in a tux!  I adore this picture of Sasha with her sister.  As much as they might fight at times, they truly love each other!
All of the little girls were dressed up for the party and looked so precious!
Sasha's little brother, Dixon, was in awe of so many beautiful little girls! Check out his little white tux!  It's actually his baptism suit.
How cute is this wedding party picture!  
One little girl who couldn't be there was her cousin Kari.  I forgot I had taken this picture of her gathering flowers.  Wouldn't she have made a cute little flower girl!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Hello Everyone!  If you live in the area, you are invited to attend a terrific benefit "Fall Into Music" Concert Thursday, September 24th at Greencastle-Antrim High School. Four Christian rock bands will be performing - Skyhawk Drive (formerly known as Slapdash), Stillglow, Bring Back All, and BrightenTheStars.  All four bands are donating their time and talent to benefit the Tumani Ambassador Club at the high school.  The Tumanis are part of the Oprah Winfrey Angel Network and Free The Children.  We have 67 students in the Ambassador club this year!  It's amazing for a school our size.  100 % of the proceeds we raise from our fundraising efforts helps children locally and globally.  Over the past two years we have raised almost $7000.00.  The show begins at 6:30 pm; doors open at 6:00 pm.  Tickets are $6.00 at the door.  The bands will have merchandise available and there will be a concession stand.  Hope you can come and support children's health, education, and hunger programs.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Eight years ago I was standing in my classroom with students in my Brit Lit Class. Students were doing presentations on the epic poem, Beowulf.  Suddenly there was an announcement for teachers to check their email - a signal that something vitally important needed to be addressed.  As I read the email, which told us what happened and asked us to let the students know, but not to turn on the TV, I was stunned.  I told my students that the Twin Towers had been hit by airplanes and then in a daze, we went on with the presentations.  I don't think any of us actually understood what happened until we were able to get in front of a TV set.  Later as I watched the news stations show the scenes of horror in New York, at the Pentagon, and in Shenksville, PA, I realized that America had just lost its innocence.  Never again would we be the same.  Each year on this day as my students pay tribute to the victims and survivors of this atrocity through their writing, the feelings I had that day come rushing back.  Most of my students this year were only 8 or 9 years old then and have limited memory of that day in history unfolding.  Soon my students' memories will come only from the stories they read and the movies they see about this day.  Americans must never forget our vulnerability.  However, we must also remember our resilience, our courage, our spirit, our fortitude.  The stories of the victims, survivors, and the rescuers reflect what makes America great. God Bless America. . . 

Monday, September 7, 2009


We had a wonderful Labor Day this year.  Yesterday Becky and Barry hosted their third annual Labor Day cookout at their house.  It was such a gorgeous day, perfect for food, fun, family, and friends.  Barry did a great job grilling burgers and dogs.
Cory and his mini-me, Dixon,  can't wait to chow down!  "Where's our food?"  Just think, next year Dixon will be running around and playing with the kids.  This year he just chilled with anyone who would give him a lap!
Jim and my brother, Bill, are always laughing at something.  Kinda makes ya wonder. . .  what's so funny?
Sasha and Aidan are loving cousins.  The kids always have so much fun together.  Just wish Jen, Adam, and the kids lived closer!  Oh well - at least we make the most of every moment when we are together!
Mom-mom and Katie look like they are having quite a conversation. Hmmmm! Wouldn't you just love to eavesdrop just a little?Barry and Becky's swing set was a big hit with all of the kids.  Clara couldn't wait to swing!
Callen and the other kids also had great fun trying to scale the rope.
Ladder Ball was a big hit.  Cory and I teamed up against Bill and Tammy. We played a great game and Bill and Tam ended up winning by one point!  
These goof balls were our cheering section!  Kari looks like she's up to something, doesn't she?
On Saturday night, we went to one of the season's final Hagerstown Suns games. It was a perfect night for a ball game.I got suckered in to competing in a grocery cart race in. I had to run from home plate to third base where groceries were spread out.  I had to bag them, put them in the cart and race the cart back to home plate.  I was determined to win (on general principle, of course!) and beat out a younger woman!  Woo Hoo!  I not only got to keep the groceries, but also got a T-shirt, a free Pizza Hut pizza, and lottery tickets.  One was actually a $1.00 winner.
My adoring fans cheered me on and congratulated their Nana for a job well done!
Kari had  a blast.  Besides eating all kinds of wonderful ball game food like two tootsie pops, an ice pop, popcorn, and a hot dog, she had fun shouting, "Hit It!"  when the Suns were at bat.This is just one of the two tootsie pop treats she chowed down.

Aidan and Ryan also competed in a game - bouncy ball! The jester hats  lit up.  They looked so cute!
And.....  they are off!............................  All of the kids got a prize.  Aidan chose a Suns cap and Ryan a game ball, which he promptly dropped in the bleachers.  One of the event staff came to the rescue and got him another ball.
At the end of the game, we raced to the dugout and he was able to get the ball autographed.
Look at thee cheesy posers!  Aidan models his Suns cap with quite a "ballplayer" pose and Ryan clutches his prized baseball! This one he will not lose!
It was such a fun weekend and now it's back to school tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great weekend!