Sunday, August 30, 2009


Today was Dixon's baptism.  I made a christening gown when Aidan was born, which all of the grandkids have worn.  However, Cory wanted Dixon to wear a little boy's white suit, which was fine with me.  He has grown so much that I doubt the gown would have fit his chubby little arms! 
It is amazing to us that this is our sixth grandchild!  And Becky and Barry haven't even started yet!  Dixon was in a great mood, as always, and enjoyed all of the attention from adoring relatives.
His great-grandmother doesn't look proud, does she?  She doesn't look like a great- grandmother either!His great-grandparents, Jim and Peggy Fegan were also on hand for the celebration.
Unfortunately, we did not get photos of the actual baptism.  Pastor Lowe requested that we wait until afterwards, but the service ran long and he had to get to the next service.  However, we got other photos at out house afterwards.  We had a delicious brunch for everyone. Sasha loves her little brother!
Great-Aunt Tammy had him laughing and cooing.
It wasn't long before Dixon fell asleep, exhausted from his big day!  This photo shows him "holding" the engraved cup from his Great-grandparent Fegans.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Last year, Becky, Barry, and I started what is evolving into a tradition -taking the girls school shopping.  Sasha was treated last year because she was going into pre-school.  This year, we took both girls because Clara is going into pre-school and Sasha is going into Kindergarten. On the way to Hagerstown, We were seranaded.  Check it out!
Our first stop was Toys R Us because we needed to get a swing for Barry and Beck's swing set and the girls each had a little money from their mommy to get a little treat. They chose Barbies (big surprise!).  Clara just had to take ride before we left the store.
We headed to the Valley Mall and the food court for a snack to fortify us for some serious shopping.  The girls had some cinnamon melts and a visit with Ronald McDonald.
Our next stop  was the Bon-Ton where we discovered they were having all kinds of cool activities for kids plus a HUGE sale - I mean a HUGE sale!  Almost everything was marked down 40-70% off and a bonus discount of up to an additional 30% off the entire purchase! Woo! Hoo! They found great outfits. Then the girls made puppets, played a few games, and entered some contests.
Next stop was J.C. Penny's where we hit some more fabulous sales.  We even found some goodies for Aidan and Ryan (hope they like them!).  As you can see, a few hours and several over-stuffed shopping bags later and we were ready for re-fortification, so it's off to Chuckie Cheese!
We shared a pizza and some fun time playing games and riding the rides.
We needed the break in order to go another round of shopping at the Outlets!We hit the jack-pot at the Sketchers store.  Becky and I are die-hard Sketcher addicts and so are the girls, so we each got a new pair of shoes.  Couldn't resist their "Buy one, get one 1/2 off sale!"  In addition to Chuckie-Cheese, part of our tradition is finishing our day at Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream!  While we were at the Outlets, we got a phone call from Annisa saying that Sasha won a big prize at the Bon-Ton, so we headed back to the Valley Mall to pick up her prize.

She won a beautiful backpack stuffed full of school supplies and her choice of a pair of pants and a top!   What a fun surprise!
When we got home, the girls decided they wanted to have a fashion show!  We called their mom and dad and invited the to a Back-to-School fashion show.  After dinner we made giant cupcakes, a'la Crumbs Bake Shop and decorated them to serve as post-fashion show refreshments.
I think more sprinkles and toppings landed off the cupcakes than on them, but they were masterpieces when finished!
While waiting for their parents, Barry taught them how to strut the runaway.  He was their "Runway Coach!" I wish I would have taken pictures of that!  Dixon was part of the attentive audience when the show began.
Clara's favorite purchase of the day was her cupcake dress!
Sasha will be warm and toasty in her new hooded sweater and matching pants.
Although she is missing a long sleeved shirt, Clara loves her new soft quilted pink vest and flower pants.
Remember the Sketchers store!  Well . . .  Becky happened to mention how much she loved her high tops when she was a kid, and the girls went crazy over them too!  Clara chose sparkly pink ones.
Since Sasha's favorite color is blue, hers are blue with lots of bling!  (These are girls after my own heart - can't have too much bling!)
From shoes to  . . . .you can see that bling is everywhere!  Wish they had these pants in my size!  Sigh!
The girls also got nighties.  Clara is adorable in her fairy Pjs.
After all the clothes were modeled accompanied by music (courtesy of Becky's computer selections) and lots of oohs and ahhs and clapping, the girls had their finale!
Then, we were treated to their fabulous cupcake masterpieces.  Guess who was first in line? Little Miss Cupcake!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Saturday was our last full day in Minneapolis.  While Jennifer and Annisa were in conference sessions, Dixon and I headed downtown on our walk.  There is a little grassy area near the convention center, so I spread out a blanket and Dixon "chilled" while I finished a book I was reading, Summer Sisters by Judy Blume. 
Every Saturday there is always some activity on the Nicollett Mall.  This Saturday there were a variety of musical performers and Vietnamese food vendors.  This was my lunch.  I have no idea what it was!  I saw a man ordering it and when I asked him what it was, he told me that he would order it for me because he spoke the language.  It was amazingly delicious!
Later that afternoon, Dixon needed his mommy for his afternoon snack so we headed back to the convention center where the "cool dude" posed with some of the conference decorations.
Remember that the theme was "Livin' Loud!"  Dixon decided to play it cool and not smile for this photo!  He was Livin' Cool!
That evening was the big conference dinner and award ceremony.  Jennifer and Annisa sure look like they were having a good time!  It poured rain that evening so Dixon and I were confined to the hotel room.  By the way, Jennifer received the equivalent of a Triple Crown award.  She was one of only seventeen recipients!  Woo Hoo! You go girl!
On Sunday afternoon we headed to the airport for our return trip home.  Unfortunately, our plane had mechanical problems, so we had to board a different plane and that meant leaving later.  Dixon was a champ and slept most of the flight home.  It was a great five days with my daughters and little Dixon.  My traveling time is over for the summer and I guess the summer is soon coming to a close.  I wonder what kind of adventures are ahead!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dixon Goes To Minneapolis! Part 2

On Thursday evening we strolled downtown and selected one of the charming outdoor cafes to spend an hour or two over dinner and good conversation (we actually laughed out butts off!) . The restaurant is The Newsroom and a Minneapolis favorite.
Doesn't this look yummy!  It is a Thai beef satay over rice noodles in a coconut curry sauce.
Not only was the food delicious, but the peach sangria was awesome!  It definitely was a refreshing way to spend a hot summer evening in the city . . . and Dixon flirted with all the ladies at our table!
Dixon and I walked and walked and walked each day.  On one of our walks we discovered this beautiful 150 year-old Presbyterian Church.  As we walked to the front of it, there was an unusual statue . . . 
It is a very modern sculpture of nudes.  I tried to find out the significance or connection to the church, but to no avail.  It seems so incongruent in many ways.  Oh Well!  It IS interesting!
During most of our walks, Dixon fell asleep at some point.  How peaceful.  I get exercise; he gets sleep!  I guess it's a good trade-off!
On Friday Dixon got to meet the famous "Mo-Jo" of Tastefully Simple's National Headquarters team.  Annisa will have to fill you in on her blog about "Mo-Jo!"
Friday night, Karen Huntley, Jennifer's upline, hosted a party.  The conference theme was "Livin Loud" with a Rock n Roll twist.  So, I just had to find an appropriate outfit for Dixon.  
Mommy put on her rhinestone guitar tattoo so that they would "match."  His little parrot tattoo from Thursday is still on!
Nana and Dixon had a great time at the party until he had a little poopy accident running down his leg onto the Hilton carpet!  OOPS!  Party's over for Dixon!
Today (Saturday) is another fun day strolling through Minneapolis admiring the beautiful flowers and other scenery.  Dixon sends his love to his daddy, Clara, Sasha, Aunt Becky, Uncle Barry, Pap, and all of his other relatives and friends!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dixon Goes To Minneapolis!

On Wednesday morning, Jennifer, Annisa, Robert Dixon, and I flew to Minneapolis for the Tastefully Simple Convention.  It was Dixon's first flight and he was awesome!  However, his mom didn t fare as well.  She became very nauseous during the landing.  A few cold compresses and some ice water helped a little, but then the real adventure began.  We had to schlepp everything from one terminal to another to find our Super Shuttle and it was hot ! Add heat and schlepping through parking lots, riding on trams, going up and down elevators and Annisa had just about had it.  When we finally got on board the shuttle, we discovered there was no air conditioning!  In spite of it all, we made it to the hotel.  This picture was taken in the airplane just before take-off.
Once we got  unpacked, Jen and I decided to hit the Mall of America!  Woo Hoo!  Shopping!  About an hour later, Annisa called and said she was feeling better and joined us.  We shopped until about 9:00 (10:00 pm our time) and headed back to the hotel.  Dixon loved the train ride and was going strong! As soon as we returned, we gave him a bath and he proceeded to entertain us with his laughing and cooing!  What a little night owl!
This morning we met the members of Jen's and Annisa's teams at the famous Hell's Kitchen restaurant for breakfast.  OMG!  It was delish!  They are known for their homemade lemon yogurt, granola, and peanut butter.  It requires another visit before we leave! This is inside the restaurant and the next photo is of Dixon with his first . . . .
TATTOO!  Yes, he has a little parrot tattoo!  Isn't that adorable!
To everyone back home . . . Dixon is a great little traveler and we are all having a wonderful time!  Will post more of our Minneapolis adventures tomorrow!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Clara is our birthday princess!  Today we celebrated her 4th birthday.  It is so hard to believe that she is four.  I remember her actual "birth" day as if it was yesterday because I was there and held her moments after her birth.  I sat and rocked her for a long time.  What a doll!
She was so excited today, but was very patient to get through lunch before opening her presents.  You can see the excitement in her eyes and smile!
Obviously she is thrilled with her princess Barbie doll!  She literally squealed when she opened this present from her mom and dad.
Remember Easy Bake Ovens?  I do!  I had one *^#*^  years ago!  Clara loves to help mommy cook and I bet she will have a blast making her own special treats in her very own oven!
A true girlie girl, her eyes lit up when she saw these sparkly pink shoes made for a princess.
The little princess decided that she wanted a half chocolate and half white cake topped with creamy chocolate frosting and decorated with princesses and that is just what she got!
Happy 4th Birthday Clara!