Sunday, March 8, 2009


I am now a proud member of the blogosphere! Inspired by family members and friends, I decided to join the world of blogging. Be patient with me as I learn the ropes and discipline myself to stay up-to-date! I took the plunge this weekend and bought a laptop - a MacBook. It is going to be a challenge learning all the features as I am so used to PCs. Hopefully, it won't take me too long.

Since most of you know how important family is to me, I thought I would post some pictures of my grandkids. They are each so unique. The oldest, Aidan, just turned seven. We spent last weekend in southern Maryland for his party, which was held in a marine museum - what fun! He adores Legos - the more pieces the better!
His brother, Ryan, is five and a real cutie! He has quite an imagination and gets along with everyone. Ryan is in kinderagarten and says his favorite subject is recess! He loves to play transformers and Wii, especially with Aidan. Aidan and Ryan take Tae Kwon Do lessons and can break boards!

Sasha is also five and such a Diva! She is in pre-school and loves anything princess. I love to watch her and her sister, Clara, dress up! She is also quite the little artist and spends hours creating art projects.
Clara is three and also in pre-school. She is another little Diva, but also a bit of a tomboy. She also loves being a princess and creating art. Both girls take dance lessons and are such fun to watch as they "pose."

Last, but certainly not least, is Kari, who is two. She gives Aidan and Ryan a run for their money! She is so ornery and precocious! There is never a dull moment with Kari around!

I am very blessed to have such a wonderful family! We will have one more kidlet to add to the list in May! Since we have three girls and two boys, I am betting on a boy - three and three!
Today is such a tease; it's so warm! I am definitely ready for warmer weather. It will be so nice to put away the winter gear and get ready for sandals and pedicures!

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  1. Lookin good mama! I do have to say though, are you not proud of your kids too? There is no mention of me in there! : )