Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Wedding Birthday ?!?

My oldest granddaughter, Sasha Rose, was so excited about turning six.  When her mother asked her what kind of birthday party she would like to have, she said that she wanted a bride's party!  Sasha and her sister, Clara, love being princesses and playing dress-up.  Sasha is also fascinated with brides and weddings, so a wedding party was created!  You can see many more photos (check out the cake!) and the complete story on her mother's blog, which is linked on my blog.  Here a few of my photos of this very special day.
I love this picture of her peeking out from behind the tree!
Since Sasha wanted everyone to dress up, her great-grandmother dressed up for the special occasion, complete with a hat! 
Check out the little dude in a tux!  I adore this picture of Sasha with her sister.  As much as they might fight at times, they truly love each other!
All of the little girls were dressed up for the party and looked so precious!
Sasha's little brother, Dixon, was in awe of so many beautiful little girls! Check out his little white tux!  It's actually his baptism suit.
How cute is this wedding party picture!  
One little girl who couldn't be there was her cousin Kari.  I forgot I had taken this picture of her gathering flowers.  Wouldn't she have made a cute little flower girl!

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