Monday, November 16, 2009

A Few thoughts . . .

I am sitting here laughing hysterically at the "Big Bang Theory" on TV.  Never watched the show until recently - thanks for sharing this incredibly funny show with me Beckster!    I just have two more teaching days this week because on Thursday I leave for the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) annual convention in Philadelphia!  It will be four intensive days of workshops and special events, including meeting Julie Andrews - yes that Julie Andrews, Nicholas Sparks, Joyce Carol Oates, and many more famous authors, who will be speaking, presenting workshops, and doing book signings.  Becky and I are the national co-chairs of all of the Luncheon events. Our sub-committee chairs have done an outstanding job preparing for their respective events.  I will have lots of pictures and info to share with you next week!

Can you believe that it will soon be Thanksgiving?  I can't wait to have the entire family together to share thanks for our many blessings.  Weather permitting, we plan on having the six grandchildren's picture taken for our holiday cards the Friday following  Thanksgiving and on Saturday we will celebrate Kari's third birthday!  Whew! It will be a blast!  More pictures to share!

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