Saturday, February 6, 2010


I know some folks are grumbling (my husband, for one) about the white stuff, but snows like this remind me of my childhood. I remember huge snowstorms when we would be snowed in for days and played board games, made snowmen and snow tunnels, and drank hot chocolate with cinnamon/sugar toast. I remember snuggled in a blanket reading book after book while the storm raged outside. Those were the days! It's been five years since we have had a blizzard and this storm is making up for lost time. Last night Jim went out at 10:00 pm and ran the snowblower and shoveled the walks. When he attempted to get the snowblower out this morning the walk was totally drifted in and he had to shovel BEFORE getting the snowblower going!
Finally! You can see how high the snow is as he tunnels through it! And, it is still snowing, blowing, and swirling!

Whew! He finally made it through the tunnel! Now it's time to tackle the driveway. I know you are probably wondering what I was doing. Besides taking pictures, I shoveled the walkway and front porch. The walkway was over two feet high in some places so I got a bit of a workout!
Jim means business! Look at him go! This man is on a mission. Just so you know, he hates snow and would move south without looking back! (That'll never happen!)
From all the weather forecasts, it doesn't look like the snow will end until sometime later tonight and then the winds are supposed to kick in - oh joy! More drifting, blowing, swirling snow. Poor Jim! A snowblower's work is never done! Sigh! Me? I will probably be snuggled up with a good book or digi-scrapping. Maybe I should make Jimbo some hot chocolate and cinnamon/sugar toast. What do ya think? Yeah- that would be the right thing to do!

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