Monday, May 31, 2010

Emme Pictures!

I promised folks I would post more pictures of Emme, so here they are! The next few are when she was still in the hospital. I love the way babies snuggle!
Emme has long feet and long fingers and toes, too! How cute are those tootsies!
Do you think Barry might just be a wee bit proud of his little girl?
One of Becky's students got her this plush elephant which looks as big as Emme!
Proud Pap! He loves his grandbabies!
Like many babies, Emme's billirubin was elevated, so she had to stay an extra day in the Pediatric unit on blue light therapy. She was oblivious to it all and was a perfect angel.
On Saturday, Emme finally went home. She is such a good baby!
Everyone is still in awe of her head full of black hair! It is so silky soft that cousin Clara said, " It is so soft. I would like to sleep on it!"
On Saturday Sasha and Clara finally met Emme! They just beamed when they got to hold her. I think Emme will have lots of fun with her cousins!
I love this picture of Emme taken just about an hour ago. She is so alert! Already she is getting used to the paparazzi with the cameras flashing .

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