Thursday, June 24, 2010


Another great day of adventures in Las Vegas! We started out this morning by going to the Palazzo to pick up our tickets for Phantom and were we in for a surprise! You'll have to keep reading to find out! Isn't this a magnificent shot inside the Palazzo!
We had an interesting lunch at Emeril Lagassi's Stadium. It is quite a unique sports bar and we got to see Japan trounce Denmark in the World Cup. We had Emeril's fish and chips and it was good, but not great. The experience was fun though.
The day wouldn't be complete without Mom-Mom meeting a hunk. This time it was "The Rock!"
Celebrities abound in Las Vegas and Whoopi was sporting her "Come hither" pose!
This is a close-up of the waterfall in the first picture. Everything is super-sized in Vegas!
OK! Now for the surprise. When we picked up our tickets, we were told that tonight was the four year anniversary of Phantom being performed in Vegas. It is the most extravagant version of Phantom in the world. So . . . the night was going to be a special one.At the end of the show everyone got Phantom masks to be part of Phantom history. After we donned our masks, a group photo of the audience was taken for Phantom's facebook page to be a photo of the most "Phantoms" ever assembled. The photo will appear sometime Friday on the Phantom facebook page. Check it out! We are in the balcony!
After the curtain call, Anthony Crivello, who played the Phantom, told us that this was the 1772 performance of Phanton in Las Vegas and gave us some additional Vegas Phantom facts. Crivello has won so many awards including a Tony, has starred in movies and TV and hosted a radio show, "Tony Crivello and the Sicilians" on FOX SPORTS/920 AM. What a voice!
This is the gorgeous chandelier that plays a part in the special effects.
This view of the theater shows the opera house scenery that was on both sides - manequins were so lifelike. The theater was breathtaking.
Tomorrow is going to be a low-key day. We might venture out to the Las Vegas Outlet Center as it is scorching hot to be out walking around during the day. We don't have any more shows scheduled - yet! We will probably try to get in at least one more before we return home!

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