Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Saturday was Penn State's first home game so Becky, Barry, Emme, Jim, and I headed for Happy Valley! Before Emme was born I got her a Penn State cheerleader outfit and it fit her perfectly for her first Penn State game!
You can't go to a Penn State game and not tailgate, so that's what we did! Barry and Becky cooked up a batch of eggs, bacon, and sausage, and made delicious sandwiches. They tasted so good especially since it was rather chilly. Jim is "snoopervising" the cooking!
I kept Emme out of the cool air. As you can see, she is quite content just sucking her thumb, oblivious to the fact that there are die hard Penn State fans all around us!
It's blue and white all the way. When Penn State fans, bleed, they bleed blue!
Jim and Barry headed for the game and Becky, Emme, and I headed downtown, which was pretty deserted at game time. The few people roaming the streets were moms, grandmas, and kids - the men were at the game! I got Emme her first Penn State hoodie. Doesn't she look like a true, cool and confident Penn State fan!
After lunch at the Corner Room, we headed for the Lion Shrine and she got her first pictures with the Nittany Lion. The plan is to bring her to each first home game and take her picture with the Nittany Lion. I am sure you are wondering why she is no longer wearing her cheerleading outfit. Let's just say, Emme had a "little" (understatement) accident. That's a whole other story!
Emme also got her first little lion, a little lion for a little Lionette!
On our walk back from the Lion Shrine, we discovered this little cupcake bakery - go figure! "*ndulge, a cupcake boutique" is a family owned and operated bakery whose philosophy is "Live well. DIe happy." Donn Selkowitz , founder, writes that, " What more could we hope for than a life well spent, fulfilled by the knowledge that when our days on earth have passed, others will remember us for having few, if any, regrets. . . so be kind to yourself and others. Take good care of your mind, body and spirit. Eat and drink sensibly. Make a difference in someone's life. And throughout the journey, *ndulge yourself with a little help from us."
Becky and I agree with that philosophy and bought a few cupcakes. I chose the "Classic Red Velvet" and the "Candy Apple Caramel." They were yummy! The cupcakes made up for the fact that we couldn't go to the game. Cupcakes definitely soothe the spirit! Love cupcakes!

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  1. how cute and yummy! I think Emme's college has already been decided...a cute little lioness!!! Looks like you all had fun...JEALOUS!! LOL