Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This semester I was the recipient of a Learn and Serve grant, which paid for two bus loads of my students to visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in March and also sponsored "Surviving the Holocaust: One Woman's Story," an event we held at our high school last Thursday evening. Dutch Holocaust survivor, Ellie Chapman (pictured here signing programs), was a hidden child in Holland. She and her mother were betrayed to the Gestapo and narrowly missed being taken in a round up to meet the same fate as fellow Dutch Jews: death in Auschwitz.
Over 400 people from the tri-state area attended the event and were mesmerized by Ellie's story. Her father was a victim of the infamous Dr. Mengele's medical experiments in Auschwitz. He died of blood poisoning after butane injections in his arms. It wasn't until after liberation that she and her mother discovered his fate. Ellie's entire family perished during the Holocaust.
Prior to Ellie's presentation, Eric Epstein (one of my mentors), author and Penn State professor, gave an overview of anti-Semitism. I also honored the Reverend Doctor William H. Harter (on the right) for his recent award for his lifelong work in building Judeo-Christian relationships and his work in fighting anti-Semitism, racism, and genocide.
These are some of my students who took part in the eveining's events. Aaron (2nd from the left) was selected as the winner of the Schwab Holocaust essay contest sponsored by the Jewish Foundation of the Greater Harrisburg Area. He read his award winning essay and will be reading it again May 1st at the Holocaust Memorial in Harrisburg as part of Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. I am so proud of him. He didn't think his essay good enough to enter, but I insisted. I love telling students. "I told you so!" It was a wonderful evening and we also collected a sizable donation for the Pennsylvania Holocaust Education Council.
This is just a random photo of one of our two felines, Legend. Our two cats are spoiled and think they own the place!
On Saturday we celebrated my middle daughter, Annisa's 34th birthday, and my son-in-law (Becky's hubby) Barry's 31st birthday. I love a reason to make cupcakes, so that's just what I did!
Don't they look yummy !?! They were.
We sang Happy Birthday and they were all smiles!
And of course, they had to blow out a candle!
Okay - so what about "moose?" Here he is! This is my two and a half month old grandson, Jayce, aka "Moose!" He was less than 7 pounds at birth and just a little peanut. Not so now! Take a look at those chunk-a-munka legs!
"Moose" is now over 16 pounds and still growing! Can you see the orneriness in those eyes? And check out the cheeks and chins! Can't wait to squeeze those cheeks in a few weeks!

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