Monday, June 15, 2009


What a beautiful first day at Virginia Beach!  The kids were up early  -6:00 am!  They were just so excited to be with each other and go to the beach.  Fortunately, as you can see, they are not afraid of the water and had such fun in the sand and surf!

Clara absolutely loves the ocean and wasted no time heading for the water!
Ryan is such a cool dude!  Look at those shades and that smile!
Robert Dixon was an absolute angel and sleeps through just about everything!
Barry and Becky always enjoy soaking up the rays!  I wonder when they will be adding to the growing family!  Six little ones - what a blast!

Aidan loves the beach, but his obsession is Legos.  We got him a 693 piece Bionicle Axalara T-9 designed for ages 10-16.  He had it put together in a couple of hours.  It is amazing to watch him pour over the diagrams and put together these complicated kits!
Kari is a little fish and had so much fun in the pool!  She kept up with the big kids!
Ryan and Sasha are the same age and are so much fun to watch grow up together.  They are such cute "kissin" cousins!

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