Sunday, October 25, 2009


Today we celebrated my mother's 80th birthday!  She told us in no uncertain terms that she didn't want a big party or a card shower, or anything else except that her family be together.  We decided to honor her request and have a gathering with just the family.  My brother, Doug, flew in from Pensacola yesterday, which she was not expecting, and we all shared a wonderful brunch together at Emily's in Chambersburg.   The only disappointment was that for some reason, some of my pictures came out blurred or grainy.  I did get a few good shots though. 
It was fun decorating the tables in the beautiful colors of autumn.  

My mother's favorite dessert is ice cream.  She could eat it every day, several times a day, but she restrains herself!  We got her an ice cream custard cake.  One layer was chocolate with an oreo layer between the chocolate and a layer of raspberry.  Delicious! 
My brother, Doug (left), me, and my brother, Bill with the star of the day!
The grandchildren are (left to right):  Annisa, Kaytee, Becky, Tim, and Jennifer.  Annisa, Becky, and Jennifer are my daughters;  Kaytee is Bill's daughter; Tim is Doug's son.
These are Mom's great-grandchildren!  Left to right:  Wyatt (Kaytee's boyfriend's son),  Aidan, Kari, Robert Dixon, Ryan, Clara, and Sasha!
And we can't forget Mom's "outlaws" -  Cory (Annisa's hubby), Adam (Jennifer's hubby), Jim (my hubby), Tammy (Bill's wife), and Barry (Becky's hubby). Mom loves the outlaws!!!
Our gift to Mom was a money tree, a lovely pendant, and her favorite perfume.
Mom was so happy to have all of her family together for this very special day.  It isn't every day that you turn 80!  She sure doesn't look her age, does she?  
Happy Birthday Mom!  I Love You!


  1. It was a wonderful time! She sure doesn't look - or ACT - 80!

  2. Great day! (However, Doug is on the left in the picture, not the right...)

  3. Looks like a great time you planned!!! She looks super super young...what a wonderful way to surprise her! Happy Birthday!!!