Saturday, October 10, 2009


It was a chilly fall day today in southern Maryland!  But it was so much fun watching the boys play soccer.  The first game was Aidan's team:  The Green Chargers!
Aidan played defense for most of the game.  He played really well and saved the ball from going into the goal numerous times.
During practice he played goalie, but one of the girls on his team was the goalie for most of the game.  She was really good and she and Aidan worked well together.

Aidan is number one - literally!  Plus his Nana thinks he is number one, too!  Look at him hustle to get the ball!  His team tied 3-3.
At 2:30 it was back to the soccer field to watch Ryan play.

Ryan really moves and does a little soccer dance as he hustles to get the ball.
He did really well during practice and it paid off during the game.
Ryan scored two goals!  His team also tied their game.  He is a member of the Maroon Monsters!  
A triumphant Ryan runs through the love tunnel at the end of the game!

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  1. Such cute pics! I wish I could see them play, too. Someday . . .

    Hope you're having a great weekend! Tell everyone there I said hi!