Monday, January 25, 2010

Resolution Update, Etcetera

Thought I would give you an update on my progress or lack thereof regarding my last post - New Year's resolutions. I finished The Help and it was a wonderful read. I highly recommend this book. It was one of those books you hate to see end. I am currently halfway through South of Broad by Pat Conroy. I have been a fan of his for years and was so excited to begin this book and am loving it. His characters are so rich, so real.
We are currently in the throes of remodeling the upstairs, another resolution. On Friday and Saturday I painted the upstairs hallway at light green and Becky's old bedroom a shade deeper. Jim wasn't able to help because he is battling a horrible upper respiratory infection - could have pneumonia in his left lung. I ached all over from painting the ceiling. HATE CEILINGS! We decided to have someone do our bedroom because all of the trim work, ceiling, and walls that need to be done and I am not up for more painting. It should be done sometime this week and then the hardwood floors can be installed. It's alot of work prepping for this, but I am sure it will be worth it in the end.
One good thing was that we purged every room. I donated hundreds of my Holocaust and World War II books to our school library. The librarian is going to create a Holocaust collection area in the library. I still have three bookcases worth of books left!
I had to share this photo taken of Jen, Annisa, and me by Tina Flohr. I wish Becky would have been with us that day because I LOVE this photo!
A few more random photos to share. Two weeks ago I got to see Aidan and Ryan play basketball. How fun! This is a picture of Aidan getting ready to shoot a basket during a relay exercise. HE MADE THE SHOT! He made two shots in fact, helping lead his group to a victory! Go Aidan!
This is Ryan's first year playing and he did such a good job during all of the practice activities. I love this photo of him doing a little one-on-one with his coach. Ryan is full of energy and puts his complete effort into whatever they do.
How cute is this! Ryan was doing his homework when the little "homework helper" just had to get in on the action!
Okay - back to the resolution update. I am still losing weight. Down 6 1/2 pounds in three weeks. By spring, look out! I will be a new woman!
The only other resolution I have been working on is the fundraising for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. In less than a month we will be hosting the Love Crop scrapbooking and craft crop - February 20th. The registrations are arriving almost daily so we should have a successful event and be well on our way to reaching our goal following the October Crop, which is always our biggest event.
Hopefully I will stay focused and will continue to work on my 2010 resolutions. I have to stay accountable to myself and to my blog readers!

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