Saturday, October 16, 2010


It was a beautiful day in downtown Chambersburg for their annual Applefest! There was just enough chill in the air to make it feel like the perfect fall day, yet within a short period of time, people were shedding their coats as the sun warmed up the day. A charming book store, Northwood Books, invited my students and me to do an author signing of our book, Remembrance and Reflection: Students' Response to Genocide. Cory and Hillary were students of mine over four years ago and had pieces published. Cory is an English major at Shippensburg University and Hillary is substitute teaching and working for a day care center. I am so proud of them!
Joining us was "Mitchell Kyd," a friend of mine who just had a piece published in the newest Chicken Soup For the Soul book, Family Matters. Yes, her hair is purple! I am so appreciative of her commitment to the students in my Creative Writing class. She spends several days with them motivating and encouraging their love of writing.
Autumn is still in high school, but is ready to graduate early. She, too, has work published in the book. The book contains eight years worth of students' writings. All the proceeds benefit the Pennsylvania Holocaust Education Council which provides resources for teachers of the Holocaust.
Our host, Northwood Books, is a fabulous book store. The owner, Amy, is an artist as well as an avid reader and her artistic flair is evident throughout the bookstore. For example, she made the horse and her paintings hang throughout the store. This is just one of the beautiful rooms filled with books.
Downtown Chambersburg was filled with vendors, food stands, and entertainment. Look at these adorable pumpkins made from empty gas grill gas containers! Now, that's creative recycling!
Little Emme met us for lunch. I had a delicious pit roasted turkey sandwich - yum! Emme was licking her lips - someday she will be able to enjoy a turkey sandwich, but not now!
There was a variety of entertainment throughout the day. We sat on the courthouse steps and listened to the music as we enjoyed our lunch.
We love trying hats on Emme! We almost went home with this one!
When I got home, Jim was doing yard work and he cut these gorgeous hydrangea! Summer is definitely over . . . but I love this time of year. The trees are changing colors and the air has a crisp feel to it. I love the smell of apples and the sound of leaves crunching underfoot. The only sad part of fall is . . . winter is close behind!

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