Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thanksgiving sets the tone for the holidays for our family. This year Sasha marched with her Daisy troop in the Thanksgiving parade and her troop won second place! Sasha smiled and waved to the crowd like a real parade pro!
It was fun watching the bands, clowns, and floats parade by. Even McDonald's had a float! Although it can't compare to the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, there is something about small town parades that warm the heart.Emme was all bundled up and had a curb row seat. She loved every minute!
On Thanksgiving Eve, Aidan and Ryan created the pumpkin place cards for our Thanksgiving table. Making place cards has become a tradition in our family for all major holidays.This is an example of the final product! Cute, huh!
My beautiful Mom was one of the first to arrive for lunch! We are so thankful that she is healthy and active and so much fun to be with.
When the cousins get together it is chaos central! They have so much fun together. The kiddos took a few minutes for some photos. Annisa got a new camera and took some great shots of these beautiful (if I do say so myself!) kids.
Ryan is such a freckle-faced cutie!
This blue-eyed little boy is a fireball! Dixon has changed so much since last Thanksgiving.
Sasha is always smiling! Such a girlie-girl, she loves to "mother" her little brother.
Little Emme spent Thanksgiving with her dad's side of the family. So I shot this picture of her wearing the hat that I won from a blog, "Laura's Daily Madness." Isn't the hat adorable - just like little Emme!
Okay - look at this handsome dude! What sultry eyes! He's only eight ( nine in February) - look out girls - he is going to break some hearts!
Check out Clara's baby blues! She looks so much like her mother! Love the smile, which lights up her whole face!
Now, for our birthday girl! Our little Diva, Kari, will be celebrating her 4th birthday on Saturday! She rules the roost in her house - who could resist this little brown-eyed girl!
These seven grandchildren are what make each and every holiday extra special. Although it is chaos central when we are all together, it is a time filled with joy, love, and so much fun. We have so much to be thankful for and these seven beautiful children make me thankful 365 days a year!

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  1. Love it! So glad we were able to have Thanksgiving 'part 2' on Friday!