Friday, February 11, 2011

The Face of Jayce!

This is a favorite picture of mine for so many reasons. Just moments before this picture was taken I was changing Jayce's diaper when all of a sudden, he peed all over me, the floor, and himself! I quickly stripped him down, gave him a bath, and wrapped him in a big fluffy towel. He looks so proud of himself!
What contentment! Babies always look so angelic and peaceful!
Big brother Aidan is so relaxed with his little brother. Jayce is a lucky little boy!
When Jayce was born his dad said he let out a lusty cry. He definitely has a set of lungs! Look at the little wrinkled "chicken legs!" For a tiny guy he has BIG hands!
Ryan is such a sweetie and loves to snuggle with Jayce.
There is nothing like a mother's love. This is one special little boy with a mom who loves him very much.
We love you Jayce! Welcome to our zany family!

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