Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Holiday Continues!

Christmas Eve at my mother's house was and is always a fun-filled, lively, and yes - quite boisterous time! My mother (pictured here in the center) had a set of the 12 Days of Christmas glasses that she would put at various people's places and we were expected to sing the song before dinner. One year, the teasing and complaining got to be too much for her (I suppose!) and the glasses did not appear in subsequent years. This year I decided to revive the tradition and since I did not know where the glasses were, I printed pictures and assigned "parts" to everyone and surprised my mom!Sasha and Clara had dibs on "Five Golden Rings" and their little girl voices resonated throughout the house - such joy!
Becky and Emme claimed the the Twelfth Day!
Everyone did a great job of restoring the tradition.
As you can see, laughter abounded as lyrics were "altered" and the song came to a close.
I love Christmas for so many reasons. Children and now grandchildren make my heart sing! Emme was just seven months old last year and now she is into the Christmas spirit with everyone else!
Little (and I say that with a little sarcasm!) Jayce is 11 months old and is a gift to our family in so many ways!
Our evening ended with another tradition - Happy Birthday Jesus cake.
On Christmas morning I was the first up to put the brisket in to cook and turn on the lights. It appears that our cat Legend was fascinated by the Snowman stocking!
We had fun opening gifts and enjoying two different breakfast casseroles. Here are just a few gift pictures . . .
These are airguns, folks! The boys will be learning proper gun safety!
Barbie never goes out of style and Kari is anxious to do some "styling!"
Emme loves soft and cuddly toys and this little doggy moves and barks and snuggles.
Although you can't see it, Dixon loved his remote controlled truck. Trains, trucks, and fast cars and this little guy is happy!
Clara and Sasha love American girl dolls and a bag of clothes and accessories was a hit!
Sashsa is a little fashionista and got some great new outfits. I don't know where she gets her love of clothes and accessories!
Just had to share just a few of the Lego sets Aidan put together. He is known as "Lego-Man!" Amazing what he can do and so quickly.
Jayce loves whatever makes noise and he can manipulate with those big hands of his.
Lunchtime was a feats of brisket cooked with Tastefully Simple's Peach Brandy Glaze - melt in your mouth good - ham, fruited rice pilaf, sweet potatoes, Pioneer Woman's recipe for brussel sprouts, a few other sides and my holiday dessert - Red Velvet Peppermint Trifle!
I love this special time each year with my family. I hope that everyone, regardless of their faith, had a wonderful holiday! Until next year . . .

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