Saturday, April 24, 2010


This is the face of a six-year-old Mussel Lover! Yes, Ryan could not wait to order mussels at The Olive Garden. His eyes lit up as he chow downed not only one serving, but TWO SERVINGS OF MUSSELS! Our waitress kept bringing other servers to our table to witness him devouring them!
When he got his second serving, he was so excited to open a shell and find this huge mussel inside! Two servings of mussels and the endless salad made Ryan's day! The Olive Garden now has a gluten-free menu, so the boys were really excited about being able to order pasta in a restaurant! Unfortunately, even though we got there when they opened today, they were out of gluten-free pasta - ridiculous. Aidan was especially disappointed.
Kari had breadsticks, salad, and mac and cheese. Here she is cheesing it up for the camera!
On Thursday night I took them for their machine pitch baseball game. The boys both play on the same team - the Tides. Check out Aidan's batting stance!
Ryan was playing center left field and taking his job seriously. At least it looks like he is!
I poked the camera through the fence and got this sassy picture of Aidan - check out his expression! He is humoring his Nana!
Playing the cool dude during practice - check out the hat! Aidan, you are too much!
Man, if Ryan would have connected with the ball, he would have had a good hit. Alas, the connection never happened. Good try though, Ryan!
I have been having a great time with the kiddos! We always have so much fun together. Just wish they lived closer to Chambersburg!


  1. I wish we could see them play ball. :(
    Sasha LOVES mussels, too! She devoured them (and clams) when I made them the other week. We'll have to have a mussel night at the beach!

  2. Y'all can knock yourselves out with the mussel night... we'll go to Sonic...