Sunday, April 4, 2010


It is a tradition in the family to color eggs for Easter. We hard boiled two dozen eggs, but little Dixon pulled one dozen onto the floor, sooooo. . .. . . seven cracked eggs fewer, we dyed eggs!
I think the kiddos had the most fun decorating chocolate cupcakes. Aside from a candy sprinkle spill, which I have to confess was my doing, look at their handiwork!
I think Ace of Cakes better watch out for these incredible cupcake decorators.
Sunday morning we went to church. It was such a glorious day! The sermon was wonderful and the music was fantastic! The Praise Team Band is AMAZING! I still am awestruck that we have six grandchildren and one on the way!
Jen, Adam, Aidan, Ryan, and Kari are all smiles! I think they are anticipating the Easter dinner that awaits them . . . or maybe it is chocolate candy . . .Annisa, Cory, Sasha, Clara, and Dixon look their Easter best! The girls made Easter Lilies that were so cute and lifelike! Check out the next top model pose!
Dixon and Pap had a little discussion about the Easter Bunny. I think Dixon knows something we don't know - what look of concentration!
However, when he found his Easter basket he looks pretty happy!
The girls are all smiles and happy with their Easter basket goodies!
Now, this is one happy Ryan! He love his DS and was so excited about this new game!Aidan is definitely no wimp. but he loves the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid series and he found the newest one in his basket.
Kari looks so serious, but in reality, was very excited about her Zhu-Zhu pet.
The Easter Bunny hid sixty eggs and the kids found them all in record time!
Mom-Mom arrived just in time for Easter lunch and loved snuggling with Dixon. She brought her yummy fruit salad, which we all devoured.
The piece de resistance was this incredibly delicious cake that Annisa made. It has hazelnuts and marscapone plus luscious chocolate in it. Annisa has been cooking her way through Giada's cookbook over the past few months and saved one of the best for last! WoW! After full bellies, everyone just kicked back and Dixon enjoyed looking over Aidan's shoulders as he played Nintendo DS. A future gamer?!?
Next year at this time, we will have another addition to our blooming family! Can't wait for baby Emme to arrive!
Kari and Dixon share a moment . . .
A very proud egg hunter!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter or Passover! Spring has finally arrived and let's hope that the blossoms continue bursting forth. Peace be with you and you family!

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful day! The kids are all so cute in their Easter outfits!