Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Butterfly Art!

Sometime this summer I saw a butterfly craft project on someone's blog and thought it would be a great project to do with my granddaughters. However, the summer is almost over and time was running out, so I decided that today would be the day! You start with a blank canvas. I got mine for $4.00 each at Big Lots - love that store!
My next stop was Michael's to get acryllic paint (it was on sale for 49 cents!), brushes, some butterfly embellishments (also 49 cents!), a butterfly punch, and ribbon.
I put some paint on a paper plate and the girls brushed it lightly on the canvas. Sasha chose an abstract approach and Clara actually painted some flowers.
While the paint dried, we raided my stash of scrapbooking paper and punched out butterflies. Aren't they beautiful? Next we folded the butterflies down the center with the good side of the paper facing in so they will have a three dimensional look.
The girls arranged and rearranged the butterflies on their canvases to get just the look they wanted. It was fun watching them decide on their butterfly layout.
Using a clear glue the girls glued the folded area of the butterflies onto the canvas. We finished it off with gluing ribbon on the sides of the canvas. This one is Clara's.
This one is Sasha's. Both are so unique and special.
Then we made cupcakes - cupcakes make every day special!

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