Friday, August 12, 2011

Mayhem in Minneapolis!

I am in Minneapolis with Jennifer Jayce, and Annisa. While they attend all the exciting events at the annual Tastefully Simple Convention, I get to babysit Jayce - I am his nanny "Nana!" Before the convention started, we ate a wonderful lunch at The News Room. Take a look at what Jayce was attracted to - typical guy!
Annisa had a Reuben which was delicious . . . I had to take a bite!
Jen and I had the Thai Noodle Salad. It was light and so good. The peanut sauce was wonderful!
Later that night we encountered this metal chicken. There is a hilarious metal chicken story that prompted Jen to have her picture taken with the chicken, which she then sent to Adam. Enough said . . .
On Thursday morning we had breakfast at one of my favorite Minneapolis restaurants, Hell's Kitchen. I love, love, love their homemade lemon yogurt with fresh berries. This is me and Jayce in the lobby area.Annisa had their famous lemon ricotta pancakes, which were heavenly!
Thursday afternoon Jen was a session presenter at the convention. According to Annisa and others who attended, she did an amazing job and even had some folks reaching for tissues!
She spent HOURS developing her presentation and you can see that she is happy that her session went so well!
Today Jayce and I took a long walk and around lunch time I spotted a restaurant that looked pretty popular with the locals - Cosi. I had the Adobe Chicken salad with lime dressing. Doesn't it look yummy? The flatbread and salad were awesome!Then I discovered a little bakery - oh my! Although they can't compare to Crumbs ginormous cupcakes, they were so tempting.
They also had a selection of cake pops and macaroons, which are gaining in popularity.
I gave into temptation and got the chocolate cupcake with a peanut butter filling and chocolate ganache topping. Wish you could taste it!I also got three of the Hazlenut filled macaroons: one for Jen, one for Annisa, and one for me!
We are having a great time and I will post again tomorrow. Who knows what Jayce and I will get into and what great food treats we will find!

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