Saturday, August 13, 2011

Love, Fun, and Food in Minneapolis!

This is Grace. She is a nine month old cutie who LOVES Jayce. This is her expression after giving him a big ol' smooch!
Jayce made the rounds at the convention after hours!
The decorations reflected the theme of "Cut Loose" and were complete with lights and music. Jayce loved the balloons and music.
Today Jayce and I returned to Cosi for lunch. I had the Bangkok salad, which was very good! Everything is so fresh and the flatbread - yum!
Jayce is a great little lunch buddy. He definitely attracts attention with those big blue eyes!
I returned to Cocoa and Fig for a chocolate cupcake with Raspberry cream frosting and a lemon macaroon and coffee macaroon. The lemon macaroon was delicious, but I wasn't impressed with the coffee one. I saved the cupcake for Jennifer since she did not get dessert last night.
After lunch Jayce and I took a walk and near the concert hall we discovered these cool music note sculptures.
It turned out to be such a pretty day after our morning rain so we sat awhile in the grass surrounded by pretty flowers. I wonder what the little man is thinking about?!? We sure have had a good time together.
After Jayce's nap, we got dressed up for our last night in Minneapolis "date night."
We went to Bombay Bistro, an Indian restaurant near our hotel. Doesn't he look like such a little man? Hard to believe he is only six months old!
I had a wonderful chicken dish with garlic Naan bread.
This is my third trip to Minneapolis! The Tastefully Simple convention is always fabulous, even though I can't attend the events, I get a firsthand report on all the exciting new products and promotions each day and I love it when I can come along as one of the grandkids' "nannies" for the trip.

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