Friday, July 10, 2009


As many of you know, Becky and I are in New York City, the BIG APPLE!  However, I think NYC should now be called the BIG CUPCAKE!  After taking the advice of Tara, a friend of ours, we headed out to Madison Avenue to Crumbs Bake Shop to check out the cupcakes she raved about. OMG!  She wasn't kidding when she described these humongous, delicious, outrageous cupcakes! 

Inside the bakery, we were assaulted by the wonderful aromas of cake and frosting.  But the visual images of these taste treats was overwhelming!  These cupcakes are  amazing to look at and the decision of which one to try was not an easy one to make. Becky decided to try a shop favorite, the Artie Lange.  I took Tara's advice and selected the Baba Boey.
This is the infamous Baba Booey!  Imagine creamy peanut butter, vanilla and chocolate icing, peanut butter chips, chocolate cake. Oh My!  I didn't know how to tackle this taste treat - it was so big!

I did my best - enough said!  Just imagine the sweet goodness in every bite!
After recovering from the sugar shock of yesterday, Becky and I decided to be gluttons of punishment , no pun intended, and we checked out the Crumbs Bake Shop at Bryant Park.  This time she decided to get the shop's number one favorite, Red Velvet and I got the Fluffer Nutter.  

Ok - are you just drooling right now?  Just look at the size of that cupcake!  Whew! We couldn't finish them in one sitting, so we polished them off later.  
It was a beautiful day in NYC, aka THE BIG CUPCAKE!  We ate our cupcakes in Bryant Park and to show that we aren't total gluttons, we shared our cupcakes with the little birds, who became our best friends!  More on our New York trip later -yes, we did do Chinatown and the theater!


  1. Looks like you are having a CAKE of a time! I'm jealous...but you need to also hit Magnolia Bakery, the infamous Sex and the City bakery!!! Have fun you two!!! Eat one for me (I think I would have went for the Peanut Butter one too Martina!)

  2. Yummmmmmm . . . they look SO good! You are bringing one back for me, right? :P

  3. OK - Annisa - what kind do you want?!? Visit their website and let me know! Jordan, we discovered Magnolia's today and if we have time, we are going to sample theirs as well - Oh Yum!