Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth Of July Antics

On Thursday evening, July 2nd, we decided to go with Becky and Barry to the Hagerstown Suns baseball game.  It was a beautiful night for a ball game and for watching Becky and Barry participate in a 70s "Dance Off" competition!  Barry was on the first base line and Becky was on the third base line where we were sitting.  Here she is just getting warmed up!
As the crowd cheered her on, she really got into the dance, shaking her stuff!  
Don't you just love the wig!
Becky got the crowd on her side and even though some of Barry's ex-students were sitting in our section, they cheered for Becky!
And the winner is..........BECKY!!!  Woo! Hoo!!
After a day to recuperate from the game, we all gathered at my house for a fourth of July celebration.  Barry and Becky look a bit different from their crazy 70s get-up of two nights ago.
I really enjoy having the family together, although we are missing Jen, Adam, Aidan, Ryan, and Kari who were in Annapolis on a boat.  How cool is that!  We were hoping Doug and Angela might be visiting in PA for the 4th, but it didn't work out.  Hopefully they will be here later in the month.
Clara loves to read books and she loves Barry, so.....  Barry spent some time reading to her.  Check out the title:  "I Love You Stinky Face"
The littlest member of the family, Dixon, was never without someone to cuddle him.  My mom adores the little guy and he obviously loved being held.
Dixon is quite the sleeper and adores his mommy.  What a peaceful, beautiful face!
He finally woke up and we got him to smile - what a little charmer!

We topped off the evening with fireworks at the park.  It was a beautiful display.  I hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th celebration!

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