Sunday, July 26, 2009

BYE BYE BOOKS! & Dorney Park

As some of you know, I have an extensive collection of books about the Holocaust,
WWII, Judaism. Jewish history and Israel, over 1800 in all!  Because I teach courses on the Holocaust through literature and film, I acquired all of these books from conferences I attend, donations, yard sales, and ebay.  I loan them to students for their research projects and my own study of the Holocaust.  I love my books and giving up any them is not easy!  However, they are overtaking my house.  So, the past few days have been spent going through all of these books and selecting which I will keep and which I will part with. It has been a liberating experience and a sad one as well. I chose just over 600 books, priced them, and now they are ready for new homes.  I placed an ad in the newspaper and sent out an email to folks I thought might be interested in them. What makes the process easier is knowing that they will be purchased by folks interested in the same topics as I am and that they will be used rather than stored in bins in a closet (yes, that's where I had to keep many of them!).  Wish me luck in finding new homes for my treasured books! Today I am going to add videos on these topics to the sale.   They take up a shelf in another closet! 
           On a different note, this week Becky and I joined Adam, Jen, Aidan, Ryan, and Karianna at Dorney Park for a day of fun.  It's a beautiful park and not crowded like Hershey Park.  You can actually get on the rides without long waits! We started with the beautiful carousel.  At first, Aidan thought he was too "old" to ride it, but his crazy Aunt Becky quickly convinced him that it would be fun.
Next, crazy Aunt Becky rode the roller coaster with Ryan.  The kids love their Aunt Becky, who is just a kid herself and is always ready for fun.
The bulk of our day was spent at the waterpark.  The kids absolutely love the water and had a blast in this part of the park.  Karianna is a little water bug and had fun going down the water slides and splashing and playing in the water fountains.
Aidan and Ryan were water-logged by the time we left the park!  Aside from a break for lunch, they were in the water all day long! The park has a cool "car wash" that the kids can go through and all sorts of slides and water fountains to play in - so kid friendly!  
A summer day at an amusement park is not complete without ice cream!  As they dried off, they chilled out with some delicious Dip 'n Dot ice cream. They must have gotten their love of ice cream from their Nana!  It was good to the last spoonful!  YUM!


  1. It looks like you all had a great time! We'll join you next year for sure.

  2. Now that is a lot of books!!

    I can't imagine how hard it would be to sort thru and give up that many. I am sure they will all go to good homes.