Thursday, July 16, 2009

New York - Final Installment!

This is my final posting of our New York City trip.  Visit Becky's blog (Princessflufferbutt) in a few days for her perspective of the trip and lots of great pictures.  So - what is this beautiful pink thing? It is Dragon Fruit.  And where would you find Dragon Fruit?  On Canal Street in Chinatown!
It is a rare trip to New York that we don't take the subway to Canal Street.  In past visits we would usually come back with at least one or two knock-off bags, but this time we didn't.  Becky got a beautiful shimmery scarf and I got two pairs of sunglasses - knockoffs, of course - but that was all we bought!  It was the first time we weren't going behind secret doors and up long flights of steps finding the designer handbags!
What I love about Chinatown is the sights and smells, especially the food!  We had lunch at a little restaurant on one of the side streets off Canal Street.  We shared an order of beef and broccoli and fried chicken dumplings.  YUM!
I tried to master the chopsticks, but couldn't eat the rice easily.  Becky ate her entire meal with the chopsticks - go Becky!
A real treat this visit was spending the afternoon with one of my students from Greencastle. Whitney took AP Language and Composition, British Literature, and Contemporary Literature with me when she was in high school.  She was and is a great student and is now in college majoring in English and dance.  How wonderful it was that she was able to secure an internship with a dance magazine in lower Manhattan for the summer!  WOW!  So, we decided to meet for lunch at one of my favorite little Italian Restaurants, Daniella's Trattatoria.Then we took a walk to Columbus Circle and even strolled through Central Park.  It was a simply gorgeous day - just look at that crystal blue sky!
That evening Becky and I found a great little restaurant near our hotel, Rachel's.  It's always fun to try new places and this place was definitely a good choice!
Becky had a delicious turkey dinner.  We actually ate on the back patio.  It was such a beautiful night and the place was filled with ambiance.
My choice was a tilapia dish.  It was scrumptious.  The sad thing was, we just couldn't finish everything and our hotel room was not equipped with a fridge. Next time we'll have to bring a cooler for our leftovers
We took lots of pictures in Times Square.  I'm sure Becky will post some others.  I love the energy of Times Square.  We spent time each day and/or evening sitting on the lawn chairs on the square people watching.  Yes!  There are now sections of the street roped off and lawn chairs and tables for people to sit, read, talk, relax . . . 

On Saturday evening we got lucky and were able to see the annual Broadway Barks event in Shubert Alley.  Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore co-chair this event to help find homes for animals from shelters and animal rescue centers throughout the area. Stars show the pets and help them get adopted.  This is Michael Urie who plays Marc St. James on Ugly Betty
Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore are so passionate about this cause.
This is Audra McDonald who stars on The Practice.  She is in New York performing in King Lear in Shakespeare in the Park. Everyone was so loving and excited about the dogs they showed. It was hard, especially for Becky, not to come home with a dog!
One of the most touching stories was that of a soldier from Iraq who had completed four tours of duty.  However, he had adopted a dog that he found abandoned in Baghdad and didn't want to come without him.  A new program associated with Broadway Barks helped him bring the dog home.  More than 160 dogs and cats have been adopted by soldiers in Iraq and this organization helps them bring them back to the states.  Isn't that awesome!  We had a great trip to the Big Apple, alias Big Cupcake!  Hey Becky!  When can we go again?!?!?

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  1. I can't wait until I can go to the city with you guys again! What a great trip!