Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Each December the Lion's Club hosts a Christmas party and we get to take the grandkids! Unfortunately, because it is held during the week, the only two we can take are Sasha and Clara. Aidan, Ryan,  and Kari live too far away :(.  After school Tuesday, I picked up the girls and we went back to my house for "primping and glitzing!"  I curled their hair - used lots of product - and did their makeup - a little lip gloss, sparkly eye shadow, and a tiny bit of blush and overall "Radiance" from Bare Escentuals (love that stuff!).  They sure do love the "glam!"  Don't know where they get it!
Doesn't Clara look like a little angel and check out Sasha - ever the diva!
The girls are definitely not camera shy and struck a pose together -sisterly love!Sasha had the idea for this one!  How cute are they?
After a scrumptious dinner and dessert, we were treated to the songs of the season by the Chambersburg High School Choristers - so much talent.  They really put us in the holiday spirit.  Then it was time for a visit from Santa!  This is serious Sasha as she anxiously awaits his arrival.
Clara was not a bit shy at getting her present from Santa.  She was so surprised that he knew her name!  
Santa brought each of the girls a "Little Pet Shop" set and a sparkly purse filled with Princess chapsticks.  They were amazed that Santa knew that Sasha's favorite color was blue and she got the blue purse.  Clara got the pink one.  We had such a wonderful time and are ready for the holiday season!  It even snowed last night!

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  1. Thanks for taking them again! They looked so pretty when they came home!