Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Memories 2009

There are so many wonderful memories from this holiday season!  Christmas Eve day, we baked "ginormous" cupcakes (gluten-free, of course) and the kids had a great time decorating their masterpieces. Their Mom thought it would be fun to decorate the kids' noses!
Any time we get together for family events, it has been a tradition that Aidan (with just a little help from Nana) makes place cards for the table.  He loves coming up with new ideas and it is fun for me to share this tradition with him.
The finishing touch was adding glitter and gluing peppermints on the cards.
On Christmas Eve we go to my Mom's house for dinner and gifts.  Kari loved getting all dressed up for the party!
The boys are just "too cool", aren't they?
Another tradition is everyone getting their picture taken in front of the tree.  We started with Barry and Becky.
We also had a little sing-along and piano playing featuring the dueling piano players, Annisa and Becky!
The kids loved opening their first gifts of the holidays! Clara is all smiles.
Dixon had a great time with all of the cousins, but finally fell asleep!
On Christmas Day, Santa sure was good to everyone at our house!  Sasha and Clara got Fancy Nancy dolls, clothes for the dolls and a cute suitcase for the doll clothes.
Ryan's eyes about popped out of his head when he opened this Bakugan seven-in-one Dragonoid. 
Jen and Adam take a few moments from unwrapping presents to smile for the camera!

Annisa and Becky wanted The Pioneer Woman Cookbook, so Santa made sure they each got that special book!  They just better invite us to taste test the recipes!

Sports Nut Barry is all smiles with his Syracuse sweatshirt.  It doesn't take much to make the guys happy when it comes to sports!
Jim was thrilled with a digital picture frame that the girls filled with family photos.  He couldn't wait to take it to the office today.
I couldn't believe it when I opened my present from the girls - a Kindle!  WOW!  I have great kids!
This is a picture of Ryan peeking in this HUGE gift bag.  He got a bag full of swords and Nerf guns, which he loved, although he did say he wanted a REAL sword.  We told him Santa would never give a six-year-old a real sword, but maybe when he was older he would get the real deal!Santa brought Dixon some cool little boy toys.  Surrounded by his sisters' dolls, this is a real treat for him and his dad!
Aidan, our LEGO fanatic, couldn't believe his eyes - he got so many LEGO kits!
Jim's parents joined us for lunch.  We got them a big box full of Tastefully Simple products and some wine from the Tuscarora Mountain Winery.
Our family was so blessed to be together this holiday season.  Although a few of us were fighting colds, we were together and that's all that mattered.  Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year!


  1. sounds like an amazing day!! i just love the holidays and being surrounded by family. :)