Thursday, March 25, 2010


Can Aidan really be eight? I remember vividly the day he was born and it just seems like yesterday. Sigh! He is growing up so quickly . . . The night of his birthday we went to an Irish Pub for dinner and were treated to Irish music! The entire restaurant sang "Happy Birthday" to Aidan and then all of the kids received Irish necklaces.
After dinner we went bowling on the Pax River Naval Base. Aidan is ready to roll!
Just look at his form - a future pro bowler, maybe? Maybe not?!?
Aidan didn't mind a few gutter balls! He and his friends had so much fun, especially when they happened to roll a spare or strike!
In the midst of the birthday chaos, little sis, Kari, wishes everyone "Peace!"
Ryan really got his game on! He did very well for being such a newbie at bowling.

In addition to his friends, Aidan's family joined in the celebration. Pap and Nana love birthdays with the kidlets. Dixon was in awe of the strobe lights and the noise!
Aunt Becky and Uncle Barry bowled in the lane next to the kids. They didn't do much better than the kids!
Although Clara and Sasha didn't know any of Aidan's friends, they joined right in and had such fun bowling with "the boys."
Aunt Annisa, Uncle Cory, and little Dixon are all smiles - or maybe just shell shocked!
After an hour on the lanes, it was time for the party - pizza and fabulous chocolate cupcakes. Yum! Then it was time for presents. Bakugan was a hit!
And of course, a birthday would not be complete without Legos. Aidan spends hours and hours and hours putting Legos together. He is amazing. The bigger the kit, the better.
Also on Aidan's wish list were books, the funnier the better. He got a bunch of them to keep him busy when he is not working on his Legos.
This Lego set is almost as big as Aidan! He has been wanting the Power Miners Titanium Command Rig for almost a year.
Birthdays are such special celebrations in our lives. I am just so thankful that we can share in the grandkids' "birth" days. Watching them grow up is such a blessing. Happy Eight Years, Aidan!

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