Sunday, January 8, 2012

Grandkids Are Fun!

Jim and I had four of the eight grandkids this weekend while their moms and dads (Annisa & Cory and Becky and Barry) traveled to southern Maryland to celebrate Jennifer's Tastefully Simple team promotion. The kids had a great time playing outside in the beautiful balmy January weather. Clara helped Emme learn how to make the bike go.
She was a great teacher because it wasn't long that Emme's little legs were powering the bike and she was up and down the driveway!
We love doing crafts together, so out came the glue and we made cupcake clips. They were so cute and I got to make one too! Can't leave Nana out of the fun!
Dixon didn't want to be left out, so watercolor paints were just the project for him! I will say that his interest in painting didn't last long. He would rather play with cars!
We spent quite a bit of time both days making jewelry. Michael's had many of their kids' craft kits on sale so I snatched up the jewelry making kit. Sasha proudly shows off just some of her creations.
Later in the day, we found Dixon fast asleep on the bean bag chair. Neither he nor Emme would take a nap. Emme isn't quite sure what to do when she spots him asleep, so . . . . . . . . .. . .
She gave him a loving snuggle and hug. I love these "kissing cousin" moments!
All of the grandkids love books. I caught the girls sharing a reading moment together. Check out the jewelry on Emme! Sasha made those pieces for her.
Love spending time with the munchkins. They bring such joy into our lives.


  1. Thanks again for keeping all the kids! They had a great time. I asked Dixon tonight if he wanted to sleep at Nana and Pap's house again and he said, "YES!" :)

  2. Looks like a great time :) I love the pic of the little one kissing her sleeping cousin! My parents say that being grandparents is the best thing in the world, much better than being parents ha ha :)