Sunday, January 29, 2012

JoePa and Icefest 2012

As a Penn State graduate, this week marked the passing of a legend. The Paterno family and JoePa meant more than football. The Paterno family led a simple life, donating their wealth in ways in which no one knew until the Memorial service and the testimonies to their quiet generosity poured forth from the speakers. And their stories were only the tip of the iceberg.
In addition to the library and sponsoring the Paterno fellowships at Schreyer Honors College at PSU, hundreds of thousands of dollars were given for scholarships, they helped families in need, and the list goes on . . . It is no wonder that the Penn State community, and not just the football players whose lives he touched, thought of JoePa as more than a coach.
My daughter and her husband (a PSU grad) were fortunate to obtain two of the 16,000 tickets to the memorial. The tickets went online at 10:00, they got theirs at 10:02, and by 10:07, they were gone. The two and a half hour service was a celebration of a life that made an impact on people who knew him personally and who never even met him. We love you JoePa.
Nine years ago, Chambersburg held its first annual Icefest and I think we have only missed one in the past nine years. Yesterday, Becky, Barry, Emme, and I headed for downtown Chambersburg! Jim was helping the Lion's Club with their entry in the Chili Cook-off. Last year they won - not this year!
Emme loved the ice sculptures, but held tight to her balloon! She loves balloons!
The warm January day took its toll on many of the sculptures that were quickly melting. But a few maintained their beautifully sculpted details.
A favorite each year are the two different ice chair sculptures. Emme fit perfectly on this one!
We had to stop and get a picture of our little "cupcake" with this cupcake sculpture!
Inside the Woods Center, there was a cake decorating contest. WOW! There were some absolutely gorgeous and fun cakes like this one . . .
And this one . . .
The cakes in combo with the cupcake ice sculpture, put me in the mood to go home and bake. So I did! I made a basic dark chocolate cupcake. Once the cupcakes were cool, I removed the center and put Tastefully Simple Caramel Sauce in the center. Next I piped whipped vanilla frosting on top and added chocolate sprinkles and Tastefully Caramel Cinnamon Sprinkles.
When you cut it in half, the cupcake oozed that awesome caramel. This caramel sauce is simply amazing and no other sauce I have eaten compares to it.
I topped one for Emme with sanding sugar and multi-colored sprinkles.
Her response was "Yum . . . " So was ours! A great Icefest and a great cupcake! What could be better?

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