Sunday, August 9, 2009


Clara is our birthday princess!  Today we celebrated her 4th birthday.  It is so hard to believe that she is four.  I remember her actual "birth" day as if it was yesterday because I was there and held her moments after her birth.  I sat and rocked her for a long time.  What a doll!
She was so excited today, but was very patient to get through lunch before opening her presents.  You can see the excitement in her eyes and smile!
Obviously she is thrilled with her princess Barbie doll!  She literally squealed when she opened this present from her mom and dad.
Remember Easy Bake Ovens?  I do!  I had one *^#*^  years ago!  Clara loves to help mommy cook and I bet she will have a blast making her own special treats in her very own oven!
A true girlie girl, her eyes lit up when she saw these sparkly pink shoes made for a princess.
The little princess decided that she wanted a half chocolate and half white cake topped with creamy chocolate frosting and decorated with princesses and that is just what she got!
Happy 4th Birthday Clara!

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  1. OMG Easy bake ovens! I loved my easy bake oven- I'm so excited to here they are still around!