Sunday, August 30, 2009


Today was Dixon's baptism.  I made a christening gown when Aidan was born, which all of the grandkids have worn.  However, Cory wanted Dixon to wear a little boy's white suit, which was fine with me.  He has grown so much that I doubt the gown would have fit his chubby little arms! 
It is amazing to us that this is our sixth grandchild!  And Becky and Barry haven't even started yet!  Dixon was in a great mood, as always, and enjoyed all of the attention from adoring relatives.
His great-grandmother doesn't look proud, does she?  She doesn't look like a great- grandmother either!His great-grandparents, Jim and Peggy Fegan were also on hand for the celebration.
Unfortunately, we did not get photos of the actual baptism.  Pastor Lowe requested that we wait until afterwards, but the service ran long and he had to get to the next service.  However, we got other photos at out house afterwards.  We had a delicious brunch for everyone. Sasha loves her little brother!
Great-Aunt Tammy had him laughing and cooing.
It wasn't long before Dixon fell asleep, exhausted from his big day!  This photo shows him "holding" the engraved cup from his Great-grandparent Fegans.

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  1. Precious Martina! What a beautiful family, you are so blessed!