Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dixon Goes To Minneapolis! Part 2

On Thursday evening we strolled downtown and selected one of the charming outdoor cafes to spend an hour or two over dinner and good conversation (we actually laughed out butts off!) . The restaurant is The Newsroom and a Minneapolis favorite.
Doesn't this look yummy!  It is a Thai beef satay over rice noodles in a coconut curry sauce.
Not only was the food delicious, but the peach sangria was awesome!  It definitely was a refreshing way to spend a hot summer evening in the city . . . and Dixon flirted with all the ladies at our table!
Dixon and I walked and walked and walked each day.  On one of our walks we discovered this beautiful 150 year-old Presbyterian Church.  As we walked to the front of it, there was an unusual statue . . . 
It is a very modern sculpture of nudes.  I tried to find out the significance or connection to the church, but to no avail.  It seems so incongruent in many ways.  Oh Well!  It IS interesting!
During most of our walks, Dixon fell asleep at some point.  How peaceful.  I get exercise; he gets sleep!  I guess it's a good trade-off!
On Friday Dixon got to meet the famous "Mo-Jo" of Tastefully Simple's National Headquarters team.  Annisa will have to fill you in on her blog about "Mo-Jo!"
Friday night, Karen Huntley, Jennifer's upline, hosted a party.  The conference theme was "Livin Loud" with a Rock n Roll twist.  So, I just had to find an appropriate outfit for Dixon.  
Mommy put on her rhinestone guitar tattoo so that they would "match."  His little parrot tattoo from Thursday is still on!
Nana and Dixon had a great time at the party until he had a little poopy accident running down his leg onto the Hilton carpet!  OOPS!  Party's over for Dixon!
Today (Saturday) is another fun day strolling through Minneapolis admiring the beautiful flowers and other scenery.  Dixon sends his love to his daddy, Clara, Sasha, Aunt Becky, Uncle Barry, Pap, and all of his other relatives and friends!

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