Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Saturday was our last full day in Minneapolis.  While Jennifer and Annisa were in conference sessions, Dixon and I headed downtown on our walk.  There is a little grassy area near the convention center, so I spread out a blanket and Dixon "chilled" while I finished a book I was reading, Summer Sisters by Judy Blume. 
Every Saturday there is always some activity on the Nicollett Mall.  This Saturday there were a variety of musical performers and Vietnamese food vendors.  This was my lunch.  I have no idea what it was!  I saw a man ordering it and when I asked him what it was, he told me that he would order it for me because he spoke the language.  It was amazingly delicious!
Later that afternoon, Dixon needed his mommy for his afternoon snack so we headed back to the convention center where the "cool dude" posed with some of the conference decorations.
Remember that the theme was "Livin' Loud!"  Dixon decided to play it cool and not smile for this photo!  He was Livin' Cool!
That evening was the big conference dinner and award ceremony.  Jennifer and Annisa sure look like they were having a good time!  It poured rain that evening so Dixon and I were confined to the hotel room.  By the way, Jennifer received the equivalent of a Triple Crown award.  She was one of only seventeen recipients!  Woo Hoo! You go girl!
On Sunday afternoon we headed to the airport for our return trip home.  Unfortunately, our plane had mechanical problems, so we had to board a different plane and that meant leaving later.  Dixon was a champ and slept most of the flight home.  It was a great five days with my daughters and little Dixon.  My traveling time is over for the summer and I guess the summer is soon coming to a close.  I wonder what kind of adventures are ahead!

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