Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Surprise 60th!

Several weeks ago Jen and Adam told me that they wanted to take me out for my birthday when they were here to celebrate Ryan's 7th and Clara's 5th birthdays.  We are all August birthday babes!  Adam said he researched nice restaurants in the area and chose the Dobbin House in Gettysburg.  I had not been there in years and was excited to go, but at the same time, I told them that they really didn't have to take me out. At this point in my life, I try not to add the numbers to my age! We got dressed up and took some pictures with Aidan, Ryan, and Kari before we headed out.

When we arrived I walked in and my entire family (except for my brother Doug and his wife Angela who live in Florida) yelled "Surprise!" I was flabbergasted!  I had absolutely no clue.
From left to right is Jim (hubby), my mom, Tammy and Bill (sister-in-law and brother), Wyatt, Rodney and Kaytee.  Rodney is Kaytee's  boyfriend and Wyatt is his son. Our meals were delicious!
The chocolate cake was amazing!  Jen and Adam brought it from a bakery in southern Maryland.  It melted in your mouth with lusciousness!
The dinner was present enough, but the kids went together and got me a new camera, a Sony NEX3.  I have been wanting to upgrade for a long time and had looked at that camera just a few weeks ago. They were so afraid that I would buy it before I left for New Orleans!
These are my seven phenomenal grandkids! Aren't they adorable! You can see their personalities in their faces, can't you?
My fantastically gorgeous daughters, Jennifer, Annisa, and Becky and my precious Mom! Jennifer will be adding grandchild number 8 to the family in January 2011!
Thanks to my kids and my family for making my 60th birthday such a wonderfully special birthday.  I am still shocked that they were able to pull off the surprise.  Their love helps make turning 60 easier. Next year I start counting backwards!


  1. Happy Birthday again Martina! Looks like you had a wonderful time. You are blessed with such incredible thoughtful daughters!!!

  2. I have an August birthday too! I think sharing it with family is the best. Glad to hear you had a good one.