Monday, August 9, 2010

New Orleans - Day Four!

Today we decided to return to the Cafe Fleur-de-lis for brunch before traveling on the Creole Queen Riverboat for a two hour Civil War history tour down the Mississippi. We made it to the cafe and had a great brunch; however, there was just one little - no - BIG problem.   Just minutes from buying our tickets for the riverboat, a HUGE storm blew in and we ended up at the Gumbo Shoppe bar riding it out with a cold beer!  The bartender Steve had a fascinating story of his Katrina experience.  His wife was six months pregnant and a day before the storm hit they decide to leave town.  There was just one problem - they had no car, so a friend gave them his grandfather's old abandoned truck to use.  They headed out for Houston (usually a 5 hour trip) without air conditioning in the truck, one window broken out, and just  a few of their clothes.  Twenty-six hours later they arrived in Houston and the truck died.  They couldn't return to New Orleans for a year and a half.  We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the French Quarter (again!) and this time I decided to take some photos of some of the interesting signs on Bourbon Street.  Here are a few:

We stopped to rest and these adorable little birds gathered around us looking for food scraps. I got this picture of this cutie who seemed to take a liking to us.We picked Tony Moran's for dinner. No specific reason; it just looked interesting!
Jim had Pasta Buffa Ballo.  It is an old family recipe. The meatball is a combination of pork, beef, and buffalo meat.  Jim Moran proposed to his wife by placing her ring in the meatball and serving it to her for dinner!  Thereafter he became known as "Diamond Jim Moran." It is one BIG meatball!
I had the Ravioli Aurora.  It was scrumptious!
This plaque hangs on the site of the restaurant and explains its historic significance.
Tomorrow we are going to head to the Audubon Zoo and the Creole Creamery!

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